What is an ecopreneur?

What is an ecopreneur

According to yourdictionary.com an ecopreneur is ‘an entrepreneur operating an environmentally sustainable business.’


Ecopreneur consist of individuals wanting to deal with wide spanning environmental issues. The most common are: 

  • Ocean polluntion
  • Food waste
  • Single use plastic
  • Deforestation
  • Ecosystem destruction
  • Endangered species

Ecopreneurs are usually working towards cradle to cradle product design and triple bottom line accounting. Profits do not come before the planet.

Why become an ecopreneur?

Ecopreneurs are passionate about creating the change they want to see in the world.

Being an ecopreneur includes the same struggles and highs that normal entrepreneurs experience but with the added incentive of making the world a more sustainable place.

Being an ecopreneur means that you can be proud of what you are creating and how you are improving your ecological environment. 

How to become an ecopreneur?

Because the definition of what an ecopreneur is is so broad so too is how you can become one. 

Product range from those that have a direct positive impact on the environment to those that the proceeds help the environment.

Many eco businesses donate a percentage of their profits to charities that align with the founder or customers causes. Other sustainable businesses develop their own projects that they fund to improve the ecological environment.

What’s the different between an ecopreneur and a socialpreneur?

Ecopreneurs have businesses that ensure the preservation and sustainability of the ecological environment.

Socialpreneurs (social entrenpreneurs) have businesses that make society better. Social businesses care about social, cultural, or environmental issues. So Eco businesses are a subset of a social businesses. 

It gets confusing because many ecopreneurs are also socialpreneurs because they are creating a better environment for people.

So, there is a lot of overlap but ecopreneurs main focus in the ecological environment and socialpreneurs main focus is people. Both usually care about people, planet and profit.

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