Inspirational and educational books for ecopreneurs and small business owners


These are some books that I recommend for ecopreneurs and small business owners for when you need some inspiration or motivation. If you are on the journey to make the world a more sustainable place through your products and services then check these out for inspiration and guidance. They aren’t specifically for eco businesses but contain some great inspiration and information to keep you going when your motivation dips. 

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The Compound Effect

By Darren Hardy

Aristotle said that we are what we repeatedly do and that excellence is not an act but a habit. This book discussed how you can shape your life (and therefore business) by making small changes in your life. 

Often people ask me how they can instantly get more customers, followers or leads but there is no magic bullet. Making a little progress everyday will lead to you becoming an ‘overnight success’.

Big Magic

By Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is about living a creative life focusing on writing a novel and other more traditional creativity endeavors. But starting a new business takes creativity and this book inspires the reader to be brave and encourages you to let your creativity run free. 

I actually listened to this book which allowed me to take in the content while doing mundane daily tasks. Audio books are a fantastic way to maximize the use of your time. 


By Angela Duckworth

This book shows that the secret to success is persistence and passion that Angela calls ‘grit’. 

I really enjoyed this book and obviously need it as I only got halfway before my library loan ran out. I tried to re-borrow it however it is now so popular that it now has a 12 week wait. I’m looking forward to reading the rest and gain more inspiration. 


By Sophia Amoruso

GirlBoss is similar to Grit in that is explores the success that comes from having passion and persistence. Less academic than grit, #GirlBoss tells the story of Sophia’s rise to success through hard work. 

The book is an easy read; written in an entertaining way. Lots of information you can draw on to start your own business empire. 


By Mark Schaefer

In today’s oversaturated world we need our business to stand out in the crowd. Mark suggests the way to do that is through your personal brand. 

This book provides the step by step process to create your personal brand. 

Have you read these books?

What other books have helped you on your new business journey?

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