How to manage Facebook for your small business in less than 15 minutes a day

Facebook for your small business in less than 15 minutes a day

You know that you need a social media presence but you are also aware of how much of a time suck your personal social media can be. Having a business Facebook page that has no content or interaction is worse than having no Facebook page. 

Set a timer for 7.5 minutes each morning and night and quickly manage your company’s Facebook page.

Batch and schedule your content creation

First save time by preparing all of your social media content once a month or week. Schedule it to post on set days and times. Depending on how often you do this you will need to dedicate 1-3 hours to get all of your posts created and scheduled. Doing this in one sitting will reduce the total time you spend as your task switching costs are minimised. It will also reduce your stress by knowing that you have all your content created and ready to roll out for the next few weeks. 

Dedicate 7.5 minutes each morning and afternoon to manage your Facebook page

Now that you have all of your content created and scheduled you can dedicate less than 15 minutes a day to creating engagement with your followers. The actions listed under the morning session are the most critical but time of day is not critical. If you find you can only get 5 minutes mid-morning then that will work fine. Just remember that customers see social media as instant so make sure you response to messages with 24 hours. 


  • Respond to direct messages
  • Respond to all comments


  • Check scheduled post/s for the next day
  • Respond to any new messages

Pro Tip: Save common responses to a word document so that you can save time for future questions by pasting in the answer to their question. 

If you are hearing a lot of the same questions then it is time to address them with a post of updated information on your social media and/or website. 

So there you have it, sounds easy right? And it is! If you are strategic about how you spend your time. Having this simple check list morning and night will allow you to improve the return on your time invested into your Facebook page.

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